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Salmon Heli-Rappellers

Salmon Air Base home of the Salmon Heli-Rappellers

Salmon Heli-Rappellers


As a rappel base we are aerially delivered firefighters trained to operate in remote locations for initial attack fire suppression.  As rappellers we maintain flexability to work on all types of wildland fires from single tree fires to large fire support. 

A typical season starts in May and extends to October.  Early season is primarily dedicated to training ending with the National Rappel Academy in early June.  Prescribed fires are conducted in the spring and fall conditions permitting.  The Salmon/Challis National Forest has one of the largest initial attack fire loads in Region 4 with a 30 year average of 105 starts annually.

Due to the extremely steep and remote nature of the Salmon/Challis National Forest, aerially delivered firefighters are the primary initial attack resource.  Hosting three helicopters and our large number of rappellers we have an abundance of training opportunities available to us.  In addition to opportunities at the Salmon Air Base, we frequently provide boosters to other rappel bases as needed.  There are also detail opportunities to engines and hotshot crews.



Our Program consists of:

  • 1 Base Manager (GS-11)
  • 2 Superintendents (GS-9)
  • 4 Captains (GS-8)
  • 8 Leads (GS-6/7)
  • 16 Senior Firefighters (GS-5)
  • 15 to 30 Seasonals (GS-4/5)



We host three exclusive use helicopters at the Salmon Air Base:

  • 2 Type II's,
  • 1 Type III

**The two Type II helicopters are our rappel platforms capable of delivering rappellers into hard to access locations.